03 Resource Center for Environment and Water (2000 2001)

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Earth Forever opened to the public all information resources it has accumulated within the years of its existence, as well got as donation by members of its Board. These are printed, visual, software, periodical, etc. information materials on environment and nature in English, Bulgarian and other European languages.

The center is the only specialized resource facility in environment in the region of Stara Zagora Oblast.

02 Youth Municipal Water Council (2000 2001)

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The Youth Municipal Water Council was a model project for educating young people in Stara Zagora in designing, organizing and conducting civil campaigns to promote youth participation in municipal decision-making. Three schools in Stara Zagora (Bilingual High School Romain Rolland, Math School, and 4th School) as well as the Municipality of Stara Zagora were involved as partners in the project. The campaign began with an information acquisition phase through which the youth representatives obtained a greater understanding of regional environmental conditions. Following this was an advocacy campaign, where the representatives created and implemented projects designed to effectively disseminate the ideals of the Declaration of the First European Youth Water Parliament (held July 12-18, 1999, Espalion, France), in the Bulgarian context provided through the information acquisition phase. The recipients of this knowledge were both students and administrators in the Stara Zagora region. Through the Youth Municipal Water Council, Bulgarias youth representatives from the Parliament were encouraged and supported in their endeavours to actively participate in international networking and idea exchange with peers and experts. ...more information

01 Campaign against the location of storage site for especially
toxic waste

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In its attempt to solve the problem with the especially toxic wastes produced on the area of the Municipality of Stara Zagora, the Municipal Administration proposed to build a facility for storage and processing of these substances. The location had been fixed violating a number of safety measures and legislative acts. NGO Earth Forever pointed out the gaps and insufficient data in the EIA Report to the Ministry of Environment and Waters; involved the media to support the efforts of the citizens to locate a more appropriate site for the facility; pointed out the lack of competence and carelessness of the authorised municipal officials; supported the local rural community to defend their position in front of the decision-making authorities.

As a result of the campaign the municipality administration re-though their position and proposed a more appropriate and safer location for the facility.

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