09 Resource Center for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
(2003 cont.)

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Earth Forever together with IRC, Delft, The Netherlands, initiated the creation of a resource center for water, sanitation and hygiene. It aims to serve information and documentation needs of various stakeholders with emphasis on academic, school and rural target groups.

The Resource Center is located in the Visiting Center of Earth Forever, and acts as a documentation center at this stage.

The Center is a part of IRC network of resource centers in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Pacific and Europe. ...more information

08 European Youth Water Parliament, Youth for Water and Democracy in the Europe of Transition, Stara Zagora, Sep. 2003

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The European Youth Water Parliament, Bulgaria 2003 brought together the efforts of youth, local authority, school authorities and NGOs in the municipality of Stara Zagora on one hand, as well as a number of partners from developed world and European countries in transition on the other, in the process of raising youth leaders awareness for the essential need of democratic tools in strategic decision-making in water and sanitation sector. 14 youth delegations (3 kids, 1 adult) - 2 delegations from Bulgaria and 12 delegations from the countries in transition and EU countries - Romania, Macedonia, Bosna and Hertsegovina, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Sovakia, Kyrgyzstan, Belgium, Greece gathered in Stara Zagora Spa resort for the Parliament and the Feast from 1 Sep. to 7 Sep. 2003. Experts from Bulgaria, France, Canada, Ecuador and Nigeria also joined to facilitate and support the work of the youth delegates.

The follow-up processes of the Parliament included participation of delegation of countries in transition in the Youth Water Parliament in Switzerland (2003) and launching of Youth WASH. ...more information

07 Youth Parliaments for Water (1999-continue)

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Youth Volunteers of Earth Forever had taken part in numerous international youth water parliaments. The series of active participation, special awards and nominations started at the first European Youth Parliament for Water, Espalion, 1999, and went through the second parliament in Barc, Hungary (2001); the fifth parliament in Switzerland (2003); the sixth parliament in the Danube Delta (2005).

Earth Forever youth team presented Bulgaria in the World Youth Water Parliament in Quebec (2002) as well.

We organized and hosted the forth European parliament in Stara Zagora (2003). ...more information

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