13 It Is not a Luxury – It Is a Human Right (2005-2006)

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School Environment Presentation

The project addresses a burning issue in Bulgarian schools: ill-maintained and nonfunctioning school toilets

It aims to raise the awareness of school children about their human right to safe and healthy school toilets and hand washing facilities as guaranteed by the Bulgarian legislation through a civic model of “learning-by-doing.” The project will involve children from three schools in Stara Zagora. It will train the young people to act as responsible citizens and encourage the responsible local authorities to take appropriate action. These weekly training workshops will include topics as civic education and responsible citizenship; launching and implementing a public awareness campaign, lobbying for grass roots projects, mobilizing resources for these projects, working with local government to ensure enforcement of school sanitation and hygiene legislation, safe water and sanitation. The program will also raise the awareness of all stakeholders on the necessity to enforce the existing legislation that a healthy school environment is a human right via Teachers-Parents Committees Workshops and a Local Government Workshop for municipal counselors, experts, and administrators. A broad public awareness campaign comprising Regional City Round Table Discussion, Regional School Sanitation Conference, “Wash Your Hands” Campaign, and an Action for Change Campaign mobilizing matching funds from local resources for concrete repair projects in schools will accomplish the activities planned for implementation. ...more information

12 Developing a Model for Sustainable Water and Waste Management for Rural Areas in Bulgaria (2005-2007)

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Earth Forever works on the implementation of the project in two villages of Stara Zagora Municipality – Stara Zagora Spa and Sulitsa. All stakeholders (members of the government, local government, experts, young people, villagers, NGOs, etc.) are involved into a multi-stakeholders forum to discuss practical issues of rural water supply, sanitation and solid waste management.

The project aims to provide a forum for open sharing of experience and concerns and looking for solutions to be tested in pilot projects in both villages. This is a model for finding solutions of pressing problems: protection of drinking water sources, safe toilets and safe wastewater treatment, safe domestic solid waste treatment. ...more information


11 WASH – Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene for All (2002-cont.)

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Earth Forever being both national and regional focal point of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, serves as an initiative and implementation organization for the WASH Campaign in Bulgaria and for Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia.

The campaign is a major tool to put water and sanitation on the top of political agenda. The first steps of the WASH Campaign turned it into one of the basic focuses of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg 2002. EfE organized an exhibition in Water Dome in Johannesburg focused on School Sanitation and Youth Involvement.

In Bulgaria, Earth Forever, in collaboration with Bulgaria Youth Red Cross targeted the first phase of the campaign on school sanitation involving 69 schools from 31 settlements in 14 Oblasts of Bulgaria.

Later on the campaign evolved to involve experts from various ministries, utilities, local governments, trainers and educators, NGOs and media at local and national level. ...more information


10 NeighborhoodWoods (2001-2004)

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In partnership with the Danish Forest Landscape Research Institute, Hoersholm, Denmark, working in close collaboration with Human Ecology Department, Free University Brussels, Belgium, Earth Forever worked on the research project Advancing the Quality of Life and the Environment of European Cities through Socially-inclusive Planning and Design of Urban Woodlands. The Ayazmo Park near Stara Zagora served as a case study to analyze contemporary urban woodland resources, their interaction with society, and planning, design and management of the selected case study areas.

The project also provided a multistakeholder platform for all interested parties (with emphasis on young people) to take part in the decision-making, design and management of the Ayazmo Park. A shared Vision for the management and maintenance of the Ayazmo Park was developed and published s a result of this process. ...more information

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