20 Assessing Equitable Access to Water and Sanitation in Bulgaria (November 2017 - cont)  
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Situational Analysis on Access
Second Workshop

Launching event Agenda

Launching Event Presentations
The Equitable Access Score-card
No One Left Behind

The recognition of access to water and to sanitation as human rights in 2010 confirmed the obligation of governments to ensure that water and sanitation services are available, physically accessible, of good quality and safe, acceptable in terms of dignity and privacy and affordable for all without discrimination.

In the pan-European region, the UNECE - WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health provides a sound framework for translating into practice the human rights to water and sanitation and for achieving SDG6. The Protocol requires its Parties to ensuring access to water and sanitation for everyone, and specifically to promoting equitable access to water and sanitation “for all members of the population, especially those who suffer a disadvantage or social exclusion”. Since June 1999, Bulgaria is a signatory to UNECE -WHO/Europe Protocol on Water and Health, but has not ratified it yet.....more information

19 Mobilizing Civil Society in Rural Communities for Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services
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Methodology to be applied by the Earth Forever Foundation in addressing this situation

We aim to implement a bottom-up approach, that  is, training individuals in the three villages through the method of doing and learning....more information

18 Women for Safe Sanitation and Clean Water in Europe of Transition and Central Asia (The Valley of Roses, Bulgaria, 6-8 July 2010 Venue Zornitsa Hotel, Kazanlak)
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The conference was organized by Women for Water Partnership and hosted by WfWP member, Earth Forever Foundation, a well established Bulgarian NGO, specialized in sanitation and hygiene for schools, rural communities and peri-urban areas. The conference was supported by WSSCC, Geneva.

Safe sanitation and clean drinking water are indispensable among the Millennium Development Goals. Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) is a major player in this field. Through our dynamic networking approach and working conferences, we encourage and support women driven NGOs and CBOs to develop and successfully implement sustainable bottom-up and gender sensitive projects to improve sanitation, hygiene and drinking water in poor rural communities.
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17 World Toilet Queue (20-22 March 2010)
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Another toilet queue was organized in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria on 20 March starting time 12:00. 81 citizens took part and joint to express their solidarity to people without access to sanitation. Our local accent was put on lack of access to toilets for people with physical disabilities and specific needs. The queue was organized by NGO Earth Forever - national focal point of WSSCC, in collaboration with city library Stara Zagora, center for people with disabilities, high school "Romain Rolland", Association "Eyesight". Media (incl. electronic media) expressed very high interest and the queue got national visibility. Attached are pictures from our queque. ...more information

16 Exchange Visit to NVB Suriname (August 2009)
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This exchange visit was organized with the financial support of Women for Water Partnership; in the context of member support mechanism.

Earth Forever experts visited The Republic of Suriname from August 9 through August 22, 2009 to share their experience on the construction, safe operation and maintenance of Urine Diverting Toilet introduced by the Netherland Women Organisation (NVB), Suriname. The visit was focused on several maroon communities in the River Interior and two Amerindian communities in the old coast area. It was capped with presentations to various ministries and bodies in Paramaribo, the national capital. ...more information

  15 Capacity Building (2009)  
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Thanks to the supporting membership mechanism of Women for Water Partnership, Earth Forever was able to train its key managerial experts in business planning and marketing skills.

We were extremely lucky to have as our devoted trainer Mr. Dimitar Atanassov from the Chamber of Commerce – Stara Zagora.

The training program included among other things: ...more information

14 EcoSan Bulgaria – Seminar (12-13.04.2007, Sofia, Bulgaria)
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Claudia Wendland | Diana IskrevaElizabeth von Munch | Emma Anakhasyan | Erkki Santala | Finnish regulations, European standardsJuliya Berezhna | Margriet SamwelMartina Hammer | Peter van Luttervelt | Thor-Axel Stenstrom 1Thor-Axel Stenstrom 2 | agenda

Alternative for Wise Management of Human Waste and Waste Water

The seminar is an integral part of the long-term effort of WECF – The Netherlands, WASTE – the Netherlands, and Earth Forever – Bulgaria, to raise awareness about ecological sanitation as an alternative for waste water and human waste management for rural areas in Bulgaria.

Based on the demand for improved and safe sanitation, and the obligation of Bulgaria to meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive, the need for development of local capacity has been identified. For the goal of introducing new concepts and eventually scaling-up the efforts made so far, it is important to establish support for policy development and implementation of locally made small scale sanitation systems, including e.g. dry urine-diverting toilet seats.

The seminar will serve as the start of a multistakeholders’ EcoSan forum that will further continue exploring the potential and drawbacks of ecological sanitation in Bulgaria, and a platform at national level that supports implementation of projects on ecological sanitation.

World famous scientists and practitioners are invited as speakers to present their concepts, as well as their successfully implemented projects to develop local capacity for decentralized ecological waste water and sanitation equipment. The topics that will be discussed range from ecological sanitation as concept, European legislation on sanitation and the potential business opportunities. ...more information

  13 It Is not a Luxury – It Is a Human Right (2005-2006)  
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School Environment Presentation

The project addresses a burning issue in Bulgarian schools: ill-maintained and nonfunctioning school toilets

It aims to raise the awareness of school children about their human right to safe and healthy school toilets and hand washing facilities as guaranteed by the Bulgarian legislation through a civic model of “learning-by-doing.” The project will involve children from three schools in Stara Zagora. It will train the young people to act as responsible citizens and encourage the responsible local authorities to take appropriate action. These weekly training workshops will include topics as civic education and responsible citizenship; launching and implementing a public awareness campaign, lobbying for grass roots projects, mobilizing resources for these projects, working with local government to ensure enforcement of school sanitation and hygiene legislation, safe water and sanitation. The program will also raise the awareness of all stakeholders on the necessity to enforce the existing legislation that a healthy school environment is a human right via Teachers-Parents Committees Workshops and a Local Government Workshop for municipal counselors, experts, and administrators. A broad public awareness campaign comprising Regional City Round Table Discussion, Regional School Sanitation Conference, “Wash Your Hands” Campaign, and an Action for Change Campaign mobilizing matching funds from local resources for concrete repair projects in schools will accomplish the activities planned for implementation. ...more information

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