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Women for Safe Sanitation and Clean Water in Europe of Transition and Central Asia

The conference was organized by Women for Water Partnership and hosted by WfWP member, Earth Forever Foundation, a well established Bulgarian NGO, specialized in sanitation and hygiene for schools, rural communities and peri-urban areas. The conference was supported by WSSCC, Geneva.

Safe sanitation and clean drinking water are indispensable among the Millennium Development Goals. Women for Water Partnership (WfWP) is a major player in this field. Through our dynamic networking approach and working conferences, we encourage and support women driven NGOs and CBOs to develop and successfully implement sustainable bottom-up and gender sensitive projects to improve sanitation, hygiene and drinking water in poor rural communities.

67 participating representatives of WfWP member organisations and guests came to attend the conference from Romania, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, France, The Netherlands and Bulgaria. A broad sample of sanitation and water stakeholders from Bulgaria took part representing Bulgarian parliament, regional agencies, local authorities, national parks, universities, schools, media, business, NGOs, CBOs and youth. Representatives of the Joint Secretariat of Water and Health protocol and Bulgarian Parliament joint.Participants got a better feeling of Bulgarian reality and were introduced to successfully implemented sustainable sanitation projects during the field trip. Parallel to the conference official meetings were organised with high level Bulgarian officials from government and state administration.

The Regional Working Conference concept has turned out to be very successful. At the WfWP working conferences initiatives of local NGOs, amongst others from WfWP member organisations, are developed into concrete projects. Relevant stakeholders are invited to participate in the joint development and subsequent implementation of these projects. The knowledge and experience about a.o. partnerships, appropriate technologies, micro finance, and upscaling of successful initiatives are exchanged and put to practice. For further reference www.womenforwater.org

The conference is supported by Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council - Geneva, and Protocol "Water and Health"of the UN Water Convention.