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World Toilet Queue

Project Outcomes


Another toilet queue was organized in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria on 20 March starting time 12:00. 81 citizens took part and joint to express their solidarity to people without access to sanitation. Our local accent was put on lack of access to toilets for people with physical disabilities and specific needs. The queue was organized by NGO Earth Forever - national focal point of WSSCC, in collaboration with city library Stara Zagora, center for people with disabilities, high school "Romain Rolland", Association "Eyesight". Media (incl. electronic media) expressed very high interest and the queue got national visibility. Attached are pictures from our queque.

Every day, 4,000 children are dying because they, alongside billions of others, have no access to safe sanitation and clean water. World leaders have so far neglected this global crisis fatally undermining the fight against poverty, ill health and indignity. But Spring 2010 provides a real opportunity for change. It is up to campaigners across the world to grasp it. Late April will see ministers from countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America gather in Washington for the first ever High-Level Meeting on Sanitation and Water. The meeting aims to make steps forward in ensuring access to these most basic rights, yet real progress will require strong campaigning. To take advantage of this unique political opportunity, three global networks representing hundreds of civil society organisations (End Water Poverty, the Freshwater Action Network and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council), have come together to launch a worldwide campaign to form The Worlds Longest Toilet Queue. With campaigners like you organising World Record breaking Queues all over the world and using them to demand action from local, national and international political leaders we can put sanitation and water at the top of the global agenda where it belongs.

Join us and stand up in solidarity with the 2.5 billion people across the world who still have to wait in line for their right to use a safe and dignified toilet.

How to join the Queue
The basics: Organising a simple queue is easy; all you need to do is organise a group of people, large or small, to queue up for a toilet for at least 10 minutes. The toilet can be real, fake or even someone dressed up as one!

As we want these queues to stand out and have real impact, feel encouraged to make your Queue attention-grabbing, media-friendly and politically meaningful. Look on the next page and on www.worldtoiletqueue.org for a host of examples to inspire you. To be counted as part of the Guinness World Record attempt you need to hold your queue between 20 - 22 March 2010. However, if you cannot hold it during this period – or it would be more effective at a different time – please do still take action. We will still count it and represent your voices to ministers at the meeting. To be part of the World Record attempt, there are a few other simple conditions you need to meet too – please check the guidelines online.