15 Capacity Building (2009)

Thanks to the supporting membership mechanism of Women for Water Partnership, Earth Forever was able to train its key managerial experts in business planning and marketing skills.

We were extremely lucky to have as our devoted trainer Mr. Dimitar Atanassov from the Chamber of Commerce Stara Zagora.

The training program included among other things:

  • Business plan: definition, importance; why we need it, write it and implement it;
  • Situation analysis and proposed solution;
  • Training plan and return on training investment;
  • Marketing strategy and mechanisms;
  • Financial data;
  • Management and control mechanisms;
  • Writing a business plan.

This training gave the opportunity of Earth Forever to create a business plan and a marketing strategy for successful up-scaling of sustainable sanitation in Bulgaria. The acquired knowledge empowered 8 women at key managerial positions in Earth Forever to be able to make economic and marketing analyses, understand more about business planning and marketing for their professional, as well as personal development.

Dear guests in one of our training sessions were Mr. Hideaki Oda UNSGAB member,
and his wife. Mr. Oda expressed his appreciation of the professionalism and devotion of Earth Forever in their strife to improve the sanitation, especially for rural communities.

This grant gave us the chance to develop 2 visual marketing materials (TV quality) to be used for TV marketing of sustainable sanitation for Bulgarian villages.



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