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EcoSan Bulgaria – Seminar

With the kind support of the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Bulgaria

Ecological Sanitation: Alternative for Wise Management of Human Waste and Waste Water

Scope and Purpose
The seminar is an integral part of the long-term effort of WECF – The Netherlands, WASTE – the Netherlands, and Earth Forever – Bulgaria, to raise awareness about ecological sanitation as an alternative for waste water and human waste management for rural areas in Bulgaria.

Based on the demand for improved and safe sanitation, and the obligation of Bulgaria to meet the requirements of the EU Water Framework Directive, the need for development of local capacity has been identified. For the goal of introducing new concepts and eventually scaling-up the efforts made so far, it is important to establish support for policy development and implementation of locally made small scale sanitation systems, including e.g. dry urine-diverting toilet seats.

The seminar aims to introduce ecological sanitation as an alternative concept for solving the sanitation crisis and present national and international experiences to governmental officials, representatives of regional agencies, local governments, business, NGOs from environmental, health, agriculture and rural development, and water and sanitation sectors, as well as representatives of financial institutions.

World famous scientists and practitioners are invited as speakers to present their concepts, as well as their successfully implemented projects to develop local capacity for decentralized ecological waste water and sanitation equipment. The topics that will be discussed range from ecological sanitation as concept, European legislation on sanitation and the potential business opportunities.

The seminar will serve as the start of a multistakeholders’ EcoSan forum that will further continue exploring the potential and drawbacks of ecological sanitation in Bulgaria, and a platform at national level that supports implementation of projects on ecological sanitation.