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WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene for All !

Project Outcomes




Earth Forever in its role as a national WASH focal point for Bulgaria (National Coordinator - Mrs. Mariana Stoilova), and a regional WASH focal point for Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (Regional Representative – Mrs. Diana Iskreva) initiated a number of WASH activities and campaigns and participated in various WASH events all over the world.

Mr. Joseph Idigo (Program Manager) is a member of the globally elected Board of Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council, Geneva which is the global WASH leader.

The campaign is a major tool to put water and sanitation on the top of political agenda. The first steps of the WASH Campaign turned it into one of the basic focuses of the Earth Summit in Johannesburg 2002. EfE organized an exhibition in Water Dome in Johannesburg focused on School Sanitation and Youth Involvement.

School WASH

In Bulgaria, Earth Forever, in collaboration with Bulgaria Youth Red Cross targeted the first phase of the campaign on school sanitation involving 69 schools from 31 settlements in 14 Oblasts of Bulgaria.

Later on the campaign evolved to involve experts from various ministries, utilities, local governments, trainers and educators, NGOs and media at local and national level.

Core Group Meetings

Earth Forever organized and hosted two core group meetings of key partners from Europe and Central Asia. The first meeting aimed to inform, raise awareness and mobilize partnerships with key partners from Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine. Partners from Switzerland, Great Britain and Japan also attended. It took place in July 2002 in Stara Zagora.

Planning and mobilization was made to reach the priorities of the Iguacu Action Plan and WASH; successful interventions for the Ministerial Meeting of the ministers of environment and water in Kiev, 2003 and third World Water Forum, Kyoto, 2003.

The second Core Group meeting (participants from Bulgaria, Ukraine, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan) took place in late autumn 2004 as a step for the final preparation of the national WASH coordinators for their presentation, planning and mobilization for the Global WASH Forum, Dakar, 2004.

Participation in large water and sanitation international events