05 Green Hearts Stara Zagora You Are My City!

The project was implemented with the financial assistance of WorldLearning, Sofia.

The campaign consisted of three key phases:

  • ensuring campaign transparency and tailoring its target point according to the most pressing need and will of the community; attracting as many people as possible to the idea;
  • mobilizing local resources in a very open and transparent way;
  • implementing small community projects for beautification of neighborhoods and green areas of the city.

    Between 450-500 citizens donated petty cash to the campaign during the city celebration of the Day of Bulgarian Culture May 24. The total amount donated is 541.97 BGL. 30 teenagers participated very actively in the fund-raising campaign working in teams informing the citizens and collecting small cash for the campaign. Citizens and volunteers of Earth Forever donated voluntary labor for the preparation of the campaign. The Municipality donated a conference hall for the meeting of the Advisory Committee; promotion space at the center of the city. In the sociological survey the citizens nominated a number of citizens to be members of the Advisory Committee; 26 of these accepted to work in the Committee - among them the Mayor, the Chief Municipal Architect, the Regional Governor, Vladika Pankratiy, the chief of the Labor Bureau, the Young Mayor, representatives of NGOs, youth, etc. Advisory Committee had been initiated and operated providing advocacy and supporting the effort of full transparency. The sociological survey indicated to the expectations and readiness of the citizens to participate. The media had been extremely supportive and cooperating.

    5 citizen initiatives had been supported for the beautification of their neighborhoods and play-grounds, clean-up events, planting of flowers in green areas of the city.

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