Mission Partnerships Projects


Training In Democracy and Tolerance

The focuss of the project was a five-day seminar concerning theories and practices on tolerance and democracy with 20 youth participants from different parts of Bulgaria, mainly working or studying in the humanitarian field. It was concidered as a follow up of work-camp leadership training, organized by Service Civil International - Germany, Bad Birnbach 2000. The idea was to implement the same methods, by the same lecturers onto Bulgarian ground with emphasis on tolerance and democracy. The training worked in the sphere of inter-personal relations, examining them from the point of view of mutual tolerance and eqaulity, including dealing with ethnic problems. Two follow-up workshops had been conducted by local participants.

The specific idea of the project was to provoke positive change in inter-personal relations between different representaitves of Bulgarian society. Interpersonal relations are the universal basis for democracy and pluralism. Changing certain aspects there would give a rise to global change within Bulgarian society.