Earth Forever is a non-governmental, non-for-profit organisation.

Registration: September 1998 in the court of Stara Zagora, Bulgaria.

Our Mission: We consider our mission to promote community sustainable development through proper environmental management, efficient economic practice, social justice.

Our Tools: We design and implement initiatives involving citizens and youth to improve community environment. We raise civil awareness to insist on sustainable environmental decisions. We work closely with decision-makers to guaranty sustainable management.

Our Strengths:
Professionalism Enthusiasm Realistic Approach

Our Board:

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EcoSan Forum - Temperate climate
WASH Central and Eastern Europe, West and Central Asia
Mobilizing Civil Society in Rural Communities for Sustainable Water and Sanitation Services

Mrs. Diana Iskreva,
Preliminary PhD Environmental management, control and health; MSc Geosystems; MSc Agroecology; MSc European Integration

Mrs. Stefka Nikolaeva,
Teacher Biology and Chemistry
  Mrs. Mariana Stoilova,
MSc Political science; MSc European Integration

Mr. Angel Ivanov
Computer Science

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